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I started hearing about EMDR. It stands for Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing. The first time I heard about it what from the therapist at the ER a year ago when I was so distraught over my husband’s behavior it sent me to the ER. Yeah. There is that. The next time I heard of it was from Scabology, I follow her on Instagram and Facebook. You know how something God wants you to do will usually come up, over and over, from several different sources in a short period of time?  This was like that.  I know it was a God thing, a tender mercy. I started hearing about it  from other trauma survivors I knew in person, and those I follow on Instagram and Facebook. It seemed that this was actually helping them overcome their trauma! So I started to research it, because that is how I roll. Here is an awesome site to help you get a feel for it. You can read a FAQ here.

I highly recommend EMDR, so add that to the list of skills your therapist needs when looking for the right one.  Make sure they are certified in it.  Do your research.  It took about 8 sessions for me to finally disconnect from the trauma caused by my Ex’s betrayal.  Most people respond to it in between 6-8 sessions.  Some will take more and some will be less, it will depend on you. So just take this as a ballpark number.

In my blog post I described my first experience with EMDR and the intake evaluation that Addo Recovery did on me.  Be sure to ask about what kind of evaluations your therapist will do on you.  I liked that they gave me concrete proof of what a mess I was in because my Ex kept trying to convince me that I was just faking it.  Clearly, I wasn’t.

EMDR is very effective in about 85% of the people who are treated by it.  So it’s worth looking into.  It did work for me, and helped my mind to get unstuck from the trauma.

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