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Healing from Betrayal Trauma and PTSD caused by addiction or chronic infidelity can be very daunting!  Most women who find themselves in trauma are expereincing this for the first time.  The fear and bewilderment are overwhelming.  It is common to not know where to turn.  Many women are overcome by intense shame which leads to isolation.  Addiction breeds isolation and loneliness.  It is not uncommon for a woman to feel completely lost and alone, especially in those first few days and weeks after the discovery of their husband’s addiction.


If you are just learning about your husband’s addiction, these pages will help you find the initial help that you need.  the most important thing for you to remember right now, is that you are NOT alone!  There is help and healing.  It doesn’t feel like it right now.  I know.  I have been where you are at this moment.  It’s awful.  Hopefully, you will find the tools within these pages to help you navigate the nightmare of addiction.

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