Ensign & Conference Talks


Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice and Hear the Word of God!

It’s important that you know what the Prophets and Apostles have to say on the topics of the challenges that you are facing. As we study the words of the Lord and his Prophets we will gain understanding and clarity about the issues we face.  Being in the word of God brings us closer to Him and helps us to hear the Holy Ghost when he is speaking to us. Here is a list of talks I have found helpful on a variety of subjects:


Overcoming Pornography

Pornography by Dallin H. Oaks

Recovery for Spouses & Families

Pornography; the Deadly Carrier

A Tragic Evil Among Us by Gordon B. Hinckley

Personal Morality by David B. Haight

Infidelity & Adultery

Jacob 2 & 3