Is My Husband in Recovery?

One of the most heartbreaking parts of addiction is the lying.  Addicts cannot seem to tell the truth to save their lives!  It makes it really hard to really know if he is being truthful about anything, especially about his recovery work.  Wives should be able to trust what their husbands say to them.  This is one of the biggest causes of the trauma in betrayal – the constant lying.  There is no way to know for sure what is truth and what is a lie unless you become a 1st Class Detective…

EXCEPT, there are several tell tale signs that will help you to figure it out very quickly…not matter what they SAY.  It isn’t about what they SAY, it’s about what they DO. So if you can train yourself to watch their actions you will learn pretty quickly if they mean what they say.  Here are a few links that will help you to discern whether or not your husand is really in recovery. This ws the one piece of advice that saved me from being sucked into my husband’s lying.  His words did not match up to his actions.  I learned pretty quickly that he wasn’t serious about recovery work or about getting me back.

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