Healing Journal

Sometimes I feel like I have so many journals that it’s a little bit ridiculous.  But then I realize that they each serve a different purpose and I can’t mix them up.  Maybe you can or want to, and that is perfectly ok.  It doesn’t work for me. Especially with my healing journal.  This is part of my energy healing work to help me process and let go of difficult emotions.  So I wanted to keep it separate. All that gunk doesn’t belong in my regular journal.  So let me explain how my healing journal works;

I told you in one of my blog posts that everyday it seems that I wake up in a panic with all sorts of anxiety.  It sort of feels like I am starting over every single day.  It’s annoying, tiring, and depressing.  Sometimes it doesn’t feel like I am making any progress at all. But what I want most in life is to heal! I don’t want to feel stuck.  So I started praying for guidance.  How do I let go of all these emotions and the pain that comes with them?  The answer was amazing! A Healing Journal.

So here is how it works:

The minute I get up and open my eyes and I feel that familiar panic and anxiety, I open my journal and write down everything I am feeling in that moment.  Sometimes I am in tears over it all, sometimes not.  It’s ok to cry.  If you need to cry, let it out. Get it all out on the pages, every ugly, uncomfortable, unsafe, hurtful, painful thing you are feeling. Write it all down.   This a brain dumping process. It doesn’t have to be pretty, just get it all out. I label this page – “What I am Feeling Now.”  At the top I put down the date and a number from 1-10, ten being these feelings are really intense, one being these feelings are mild.

Then I go to the next page and label it “Tapping & Releasing.”  I then write out tapping sentences for every emotion I wrote out on the previous page.  I tap them all out at once and replace them with positive emotions.  Then to make sure they are released I also release them according to the Emotion Code protocols. I have explained EFT or Tapping on this page and Emotion Code is explained here.

Both of these energy healing modalities can be learned and practiced on your own for yourself.  You don’t need to pay someone money to do them for you, although you can.  You can even pay me to do them for you, if you would like me to do a personal session with you contact me here. I charge you what you think my services are worth to you.


After I tap out the emotions, I go back and rate how I feel on a scale of 1-10.  If it is 3 or lower I figure it’s pretty good. If it is 3 or higher, then I do it again. After I release all the emotions, I label a 3rd page – “How I Feel Now.” On this page I evaluate the emotional release to make sure it is really how I am feelings. On this page I will also write down some thoughts, inspirations, or ideas that come to mind that I can change going forward to help overcome.

I also start and end each of these healing sessions with a prayer for healing, guidance, and divine help.


I have found that in my healing journey that this has worked better and faster than any one thing I have tried so far.  I love it so much too because I have a record of it and I am now able to see my progress like never before. And used together with meditation, scripture study, affirmations, etc. this has become a powerhouse of healing for me.  Healing on steroids, which is what I wanted to happen.  When you are ready to heal, you are ready to heal as quickly as possible. This does that for me. I finally have that breakthrough I have been longing for!

Again, if you need help with this, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I would be thrilled to help you along your healing journey too.

Stay Sweet, Be Strong


The Cupcake Warrior