Affirmations.  Oh how I have a love/hate relationship with affirmations.  At first I hated them.  I loathed them.  I thought they were stupid and ridiculous.  But my therapist thought I would benefit from them so I dutifully gave it a half-hearted try, at least this was my attitude to begin with.  I hated the idea of saying things to myself that I felt were a lie.  It felt disingenuous to tell myself things like I was happy, loving, forgiving, safe, peaceful, or positive, when I was anything but.

I would say the affirmations and then finish by saying, “This is dumb.” Followed by lots of eye rolling. And usually followed by lots of crying.  Yes, I cried through my affirmations.  Like I told you I hated them, they made me feel miserable.

I promised that I would do them for 21 days so I was determined to stick to my promise. But a funny thing happened on the way to hating my affirmations.  I began to see the truth and beauty of them.  I started to see myself as a good and worthwhile person again.  And I started to remember that I was all of those things I said in my affirmations BEFORE all this crap happened to me.  I remembered that I was still me. Whoever came up with the idea of affirmations is an absolute genius!

Simply speaking, affirmations helped me to recover my true self.  I said all of those dumb things to myself until I could remember that all of the things I was saying were really who I was.  Not this broken version of me I had become as a result of extreme betrayal.

Now I love my affirmations!  I make them up every week and say them everyday.  I have even found some great I AM Affirmation on YouTube that I love.  I listen to them in the car when I have to drive anywhere more than 15 minutes away.  It helps me to remember who I really am.  Affirmations have become a significant part of my healing.  I highly recommend them to you!  Even if you think they are stupid, do it anyway! Do it for 21 days and see if it makes a difference for you. You will be glad you did.

Be Strong, Stay Sweet


The Cupcake Warrior