Self Care

Ah, Self Care.  I seriously had never heard of self-care until this happened to me.  As an extreme empath, I believed that I was put on this earth to take care of everyone else.  I had no idea that I should take time to take care of myself everyday.  When I did do things to take care of myself I either felt guilty or I was made to feel guilty.  How dare I take time for myself! Now it seems crazy that I didn’t know it was ok to take care of myself.  Not only was it ok to practice self care, but it is highly recommended!  You cannot give from an empty vessel.  Self care is how you fill up that vessel. Hmmm, go figure.

Well I know it now.  Better late than never. I now practice self-care everyday and I don’t even feel the least bit guilty about it.  Self Care is awesome!  I highly recommend it!  If you don’t know about self care then these pages are a good place to get started.

What is Self Care?

Journaling for Healing

Self Care Planner

Scripture Study

Gratitude Prayer

One Little Word

My Cupcake Warrior Pinterest Page Is a great place to find lists of things you can do for self-care.  The best part about this is that your self-care regimine will be unique.  What is relaxing for me might be very stressful for you and visa versa.  Find what you love to do and then do it.  One of the best ways to heal is to create.  Create for yourself the things you love.