Self Care Planner

Self Care is NECESSARY when you are recovering from Betrayal Trauma. It’s not an option. Really, it isn’t.  I tried to find a way around it.

“It is too time consuming.”  “I just have better things to do!” “Why should I have to do all this work for something I didn’t do in the first place?”

Do you find yourself saying these things too? I said them a lot.

The truth is that there is NOTHING you can do that is better than taking care of yourself!  You depend on it!  Your family depends on it. Your boss depends on it.  Your friends depend on it.  You cannot be there for yourself or others unless your actually do the hard work of recovery.  The longer you fight it, the harder it will be to go through it.  Trust me!  I know this from experience.

My biggest problem in my fight for self care and recovery was remembering all the things I needed to do.  And then figuring out how to fit it into my regular life! I needed a system.  I have to admit that I love planners, but for my busy life and role as a CEO of a start-up, planners are not very practical.  I run everything in my life from my computer and smartphone, it’s the only thing that makes sense today. The problem with using technology for recovery work is that it is not very inspiring or motivating and it is easier to ignore.

I discovered, to my delight, that planners are wonderful for the hard work of trauma recovery and self care, and they are inspiring AND motivating. A physical planner does two things that are helpful; 1)  They remind you what you need to do AND 2) they provide a creative outlet that is necessary for recovery.  It turns out that creating things helps to heal the soul and the mind.  So while I am working on recovery, setting goals, remembering to do my self care, I am also creating something beautful that will be a journal, of sorts, that will document my progress, which also helps my mind and soul to heal. This is killing two birds with one stone, so to speak.  A win-win!

There was only one problem:

None of the planners addressed the needs of Self Care or Recovery.  There are planners and planner stickers out there for literally everything…but this.  So when I can’t find what I need…I create it!   I created a planner sticker line that addresses the needs of women who are in the same boat as me.

Having a Self Care Planner helps immensely!  I highly recommend it and suggest you give it  try.  Here is my Planner.  I use Happy Planner.  That just says it all for me – I need a Happy Planner.  You can get one online or at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby.  The started kit is 18 months.  Besides the planner there are tons of inserts, stickers, and pages that will help you make your Planner into something that is uniquely you!

While you are checking out planner supplies don’t forget to visit my facebook page to order stickers or order them here soon!  that are designed with us in mind.  The colors and designs are beautiful, soothing and inspiring!  If you don’t find something that works for you, contact me, and I can make custom orders.

Stay Sweet, Be Strong

The Cupcake Warrior